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The overwhelm is real.

If you're struggling to plan for all your small Guided Reading Groups and having a difficult time finding engaging texts that your students actually get excited to read...


Then check out your One Stop Shop for a complete Guided Reading Curriculum that will TRANSFORM your small reading groups.



Get instant lifetime access to a complete Kindergarten-5th Grade Guided Reading Curriculum for Levels A-Z. 

Wouldn't it feel amazing to never worry about searching for engaging resources to use in your Guided Reading groups again?

This Engaging All Readers Guided Reading Curriculum is an absolute game changer.

You'll have access to everything you need to lead an effective guided reading group:

  • With a detailed lesson plan for every single passage providing word work to focus on, vocabulary, teacher prompts, and grade level appropriate comprehension questions, you'll be fully prepared for each lesson with a simple printing of the lesson plan.

  • Each engaging leveled reading passage includes 2-4 written comprehension questions that encourage students to cite evidence from the text. 

  • If you want to do frequent informal check ins to see how your students are progressing, the provided running records make this very simple. You can complete informal informative assessments regularly for each student. These will help you keep your groups fluid and help students continue to make progress.

  • Minimal prep is required on your part since you simply have to print the lesson plans, reading passages, comprehension questions, and running records. You can store them all in a binder and be ready for each group, ahead of time! 

  •  Easily differentiate with all the levels included from A-Z. You'll have everything you need no matter if your small reading groups are below level, on level, or above. This complete library of passages (and more) has everything you need for ALL you readers!

What is Engaging All Readers?

A complete Level A-Z library of 25 fiction and nonfiction leveled reading passages per level, with comprehension questions, answer keys, aligned lesson plans, and running records, all at your fingertips.

Specifically Designed for Elementary Students

These resources work well for students in Kindergarten-5th Grade. Students of all ability levels will feel successful as you guide them through the passages.

Motivate and Engage All Readers

Motivate all of your readers with a huge library of engaging passages  instructional level, while also building their confidence as readers. 

Complete Curriculum to Use Daily

Each fiction and nonfiction passage comes with written response comprehension questions, a detailed lesson plan, and a running record. 

Ready to experience peace of mind when it comes to planning and conducting all your small guided reading groups?

Imagine your students coming to your Guided Reading table eager to see what they're reading today. Imagine yourself not stressing over the weekend or late at night searching for new texts to use each week with your groups. Imagine not having to actually figure out word work and comprehension questions for every text you choose. Engaging All Readers will give you back your time and get your students excited about reading, while they make progress, every single day.

Once you join...

You'll have instant access to your Guided Reading Curriculum!

You'll immediately be able to start using the complete library of leveled A-Z passages with comprehension questions, lesson plans, and running records. Everything just a printer and copier away from being used with all of your readers. 

Check out an Engaging All Readers Resource:


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Everything You Need for Guided Reading

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans are provided for every single passage, with specific word work, vocabulary, teacher prompts, and suggested standards-based comprehension questions for verbal discussion. 

Leveled Text with Comprehension

25 leveled texts (15 fiction, 10 nonfiction) are included for each level, A-Z. There are over 650 passages each with their own set of written comprehension questions.

Running Records

Informal, informative assessments can be done with running records for every single passage. These can be used to inform your small group instruction and to determine what each student needs to work on.

Interested in buying Engaging All Readers?

Once purchased, you'll have everything you need for your Guided Reading groups. With 25 leveled passages for each level A-Z, you won't run out of engaging texts to use. You're going to love having instant access to a huge library of passages for ALL your readers!

One Time Payment


Lifetime access!

Pay once and you're all set! You'll get instant access to all the lesson plans, fiction & nonfiction leveled passages, comprehension questions, and running records. Your future self is going to thank you!


4 Payments



You'll get instant access to everything, but  "pay as you go". This is a great option if you know you want the full library of resources right now, but don't have the money saved up for a big purchase!


Meet the Creator:

Hi there!

I'm Aylin! I am a certified reading specialist, literacy consultant and curriculum designer who loves sharing literacy tips for teaching readers. Specializing in Kindergarten-5th Grade, I can be found sharing literacy tips on my blog or social media at Literacy with Aylin Claahsen. I have a huge passion for small group reading as I've seen the impact it has on readers of all ability levels. Creating engaging literacy resources is one way that I love to connect with students and teachers all around the world. I personally believe that building confidence in readers is one of the most important things teachers can do. 

Let's get your Guided Reading Groups prepped and planned, together!


You may be wondering...

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This is a lifetime access membership! That means once you purchase, you have access forever!

These resources work well for students in Kindergarten-5th Grade. Students of all ability levels will have the chance to feel successful as you guide them through these passages.

All passages from level Pre-A to Z, in both non-fiction and fiction are included -- that's 675 passages! There are a combination of 25 fiction and non-fiction passages per level.

These passages are great for classroom literacy blocks, reading specialists or reading teachers’ small groups and for home. More specifically, they are used in Guided Reading groups, intervention groups, one-on-one student sessions, by paraprofessionals leading reading groups, in tutoring sessions, during independent literacy centers, sent home for extra practice, and for homeschool. 

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